Bridge Street Medical Practice

20 Bridge Street, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 1NQ

Telephone: 01509 261843

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Additional Services

We also have other health professionals working in close collaboration with our doctors and nurses:

Social Prescriber – Social prescribing, also sometimes known as community referral, is a means of enabling health professionals to refer people to a range of local, non-clinical services

Physician Associate – A Physician Associate, or Physician Assistant supports Physicians with the diagnosis and management of patients in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Their duties include working directly with patients to diagnose medical conditions, performing medical procedures and developing treatment plans. Medication reviews. This will also include the management and review of patients with polypharmacy.

Midwife- Weekly antenatal clinics running every Tuesday

Health and Wellbeing Coach – Helping those who would like to make a lifestyle change e.g., stopping smoking, being included in community activities, tackle loneliness etc provides sessions which are between counselling and mentorship.

MSK Specialists – First Contact Physiotherapist can: Assess, diagnose, triage and manage patients presenting with neck pain, back pain, joint pain, soft tissue pain, muscle pain, conditions such as arthritis. Progress and request investigations (e.g., X-Rays, Blood tests) and referrals to facilitate diagnosis and choice of treatment.

Mental Health Facilitator- Offering help and support to patients with mental health problems, a GP referral is required. 

Mental Health Practitioner 

Clinical Pharmacists – Clinical pharmacists will be seeing patients face to face or by telephone they include chronic disease management, repeat prescription management and structured medication

Diabetic Retinopathy Clinic- An Annual clinic for diabetic patients, invitations sent out in the post. NO CLINCS AT PRESENT DUE TO COVID-19

AAA (Abdominal aortic aneurysm clinic)- An Annual clinic for Men over 65 years old, invitations sent out in the post. NO CLINCS AT PRESENT DUE TO COVID-19


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