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You and Your Health

A campaign developed by the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland CCGs to help patients get the care they need from their GP practice.

You and Your GP Practice: Treating minor ailments

You and your GP practice is a campaign developed by the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland ICB to help patients get the care they need from their GP practice.

People’s relationship with their GP practice is constantly evolving and it can be confusing to work out what to do to get care. The campaign is designed to guide patients in how best to use their practice now. Over the coming weeks, the campaign will introduce several themes.

Supporting you to look after minor ailments

Our role is to look after all aspects of your health, either by providing that care ourselves and arranging specialist care where needed. We also have a role to play in supporting you and building your confidence to look after your own health, where appropriate.

Treating minor conditions yourself, avoiding the need to attend a GP practice, is also known as self-care. It also encompasses self-management of long-term conditions and prevention of ill health.

You will find links below to several animations, developed by the local NHS, that give you good advice about looking after common minor ailments yourself, without needing an appointment at the practice:

A survey of local patients carried out by the CCGs earlier this year, showed that people would like more support to look after their own health.

If people are generally in good health, there is no reason why they can’t look after minor ailments themselves. In most cases the illness will get better by itself and so an appointment at the practice isn’t usually required.

If you are suffering with any of these ailments, we would advise you to use the links above and follow the advice before contacting the practice.

People with long term conditions are generally advised to still contact the practice for advice if you develop a minor illness. This doesn’t need to be with a GP. There are a wide range of health professionals in practices nowadays and at this practice we have physician associates, clinical pharmacists, MSK specialist & social prescriber who are well qualified to advise you and are often specialists in managing long term conditions. When you contact the practice we will be able to advise who will be best to see.

Patients can find out more information about self-care and get advice about treating minor ailments by visiting



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